Austin Powers 4 Not Happening
Recent speculation that Gisele Bundchen might be in talks for Austin Powers 4 had everyone convinced that a fourth movie was already happening, but we should have been suspicious. Before the rumors of her possible involvement, the film was nowhere on the radar. Now it looks like despite those rumors, it still isnít.
Austin Powers star Seth Green recently talked to MTV and told them that as far as he knows itís not happening and thereís no script. He says, ìAustin Powers 4 is nothing more than something Mike Myers talked about off-handedly during the ëShrekí press.î
Sounds pretty definitive to me. Iíll take the son of Dr. Evilís word for it. Besides, it never made any sense. Mike Myers has clearly moved on. Heís focused on his new Love Guru character, and the whole Austin Powers thing has long since run its course. No Austin Powers 4? Count me relieved!!!