Regina wants a concert too!!

Charlottetown has concert venue but still no band
The Eagles are coming to Moncton, Paul McCartney seems likely for Halifax, but so far all Charlottetown has confirmed is a place for a big-name artist to play.
At its council meeting Monday, Charlottetown approved the use of lands at Upton Farm, in the north of the city, as a concert venue. More than 12 hectares of land has been set aside, which should easily hold the 30,000 people organizers hope to attract.
But while rumours continue to fly about who might come, time to book an act is growing short. Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee, however, said he’s confident Charlottetown will get a concert.
“We’ve been having off and on discussions with different promoters thinking we would have a site, those discussions could have only gone so far until a site was confirmed,” said Lee.
“I feel fairly confident we’ll have a concert this summer. Who it’s going to be I don’t know. Quite honestly, to find an acceptable location was the biggest challenge.”
For the last two years the city has hosted major concerts at the Charlottetown Driving Park ó the Black Eyed Peas in 2006 and Aerosmith in 2007 ó but there were complaints from people living nearby that the concerts were too loud.