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CBS Pilot Lures Elisha Cuthbert Back to TV
Elisha Cuthbert has booked a new TV gig, one that ought to keep her safe from mountain lions, terrorists and nuclear attacks. Whew.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cuthbert has landed the female lead in CBS’ one-hour romantic-comedy pilot “Ny-Lon,” marking the actress’ first potential regular television gig since “24.”
Based on a 2004 Channel 4 series, “Ny-Lon” focuses on a New York based record store clerk (Cuthbert) and a London stock broker who meet in London and begin a cross-continental romance (hence the show’s title).
Rashida Jones and Stephen Moyer played the leads in the original.
The trade reports that Caterina Scorsone (“1-800-Missing”) and Johnny Whitworth (“CSI: Miami”) have also landed roles in the CBS pilot as the roommate and ex-boyfriend of Cuthbert’s character.
Best known as Kim Bauer from “24,” Cuthbert has transitioned into roles in films including “The Girl Next Door” and “Captivity.”
In other CBS pilot casting news, Rachel Boston will appear in the network’s “Mythological X,” about a young woman who learns from a psychic that she’s already met and dated the man she’s supposed to marry.
Boston (“American Dreams”) will play the main character’s younger sister, a sassy dancer.