As a fan, I just want it to have a proper finale!!

‘Scrubs’ Goes Back to Work
The cast and crew of “Scrubs” are going back to work this week, even as the show remains caught between two networks.
The NBC comedy will put the finishing touches on an episode that began production before the writers’ strike, and it may also film a couple more installments, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This despite the fact that the network hasn’t asked for any new episodes beyond the five that were completed before the strike but haven’t yet aired.
The additional episodes could end up as a bonus on the seventh-season DVD collection for “Scrubs,” with producer ABC Studios footing the bill. Another increasingly strong possibility is that the new episodes will end up on ABC, which is interested in grabbing the show for another season.
Speculation about ABC picking up the show has become an annual rite of spring the past couple of years, since the series is produced by Disney and ABC Entertainment chief helped develop “Scrubs” when he was head of the studio (then known as Touchstone TV). The negotiations have been more serious this year, and despite objections from NBC, the network shift is looking more likely.
NBC was initially upset that ABC began negotiations to pick up “Scrubs” before NBC’s license agreement expired, but the HR says the two networks have mostly resolved those issues. Current talks are focused on new contracts for cast members; star Zach Braff is reportedly on board.
“Scrubs” is not a ratings powerhouse; it’s averaging only 6.2 million viewers a week this season. It does, however, bring in decent demographic numbers and a loyal audience, something few other ABC comedies can say at the moment.