Love those Spring CDs!!!

The spring CD preview
Some of us have turned the clocks ahead. We’re not eating dinner in the dark anymore. And we don’t have to plug the car in every night.
It can only mean one thing; spring has almost sprung. And along with the bears, the rock stars are coming out of hibernation.
After a lean March, the next few months should bring us a couple of dozen albums from big names.
Here are 15 titles that should be warming up your iPod soon.
R.E.M. — Accelerate
The Athens, Ga., legends’ 14th album is faster and louder than 2004’s Around the Sun. It is a superb disc!!
Van Morrison — Keep It Simple
True to its title, Van the Man’s 35th disc eschews big horns and arrangements for a leaner approach. Which is a fancy way of saying he cut his payroll.
Moby — Last Night
The Mobester gets into a groove with an electronic dance set inspired by New York’s vibrant late-night club scene.
The Breeders — Mountain Battles
Apparently, even Kim Deal is tired of waiting for that Pixies reunion album. So she and sis Kelley are back with their first CD in six years.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
The grim singer-songwriter says his 14th disc maintains the aggression and edge of last year’s Grinderman side project. No complaints here.
Gnarls Barkley — The Odd Couple
Are Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse still Crazy after all these years? If their energetic new single Run is anything to go by, signs point to yes.
Billy Bragg — Mr. Love & Justice
Everybody’s favourite British folk-punk finally returns with his first studio disc since 2002’s England, Half-English.
Mariah Carey — E=MC2
It’s only got three letters and one number — but you just know Mariah has no clue what the hell her CD title means.
The Gossip — Live in Liverpool
If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing full-figured soul-punk goddess Beth Ditto live in action, this CD / DVD set will set you straight.
Jeff Healey — Mess of Blues
The Toronto blues guitarist’s first electric album in eight years was completed shortly before his untimely death earlier this month.
Madonna — Hard Candy
Her Madgesty’s final album for a major label will supposedly be a hip-hop disc. So get ready to hear ebonics spoken with a British accent.
MAY 13
Death Cab for Cutie — Narrow Stairs
The former indie heroes say their latest delivers some of their most upbeat material — and some of their saddest.
Jakob Dylan — Seeing Things
Wallflowers frontman Jakob — aka son of Bob — goes acoustic on his first solo album, which was produced by Rick Rubin at home.
MAY 20
Scarlett Johansson — Anywhere I Lay My Head
The latest actress who wants to be a singer issues an album of Tom Waits covers. Yeah, that seems like a great idea.
Alanis Morissette — Flavors of Entanglement
You oughta know that Alanis’ latest blends world and folk music with the electronic squiggles of Madonna and Bjork collaborator Guy Sigsworth.