Indiana Jones Will Be A Valentine’s Day Tease
Nothing says romance and love like Indiana Jones. Actually, lots of things say romance more than Indy, but it looks like the loverís holiday, Valentineís Day, is when Indy will make his presence known with a long awaited trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
According to CHUD, the trailer for the upcoming Indiana Jones adventure will be teased on Entertainment Tonight on February 14th, as well as make its theatrical debut. Most likely the trailer will the be available on the next day, February 15th.
The Feburary 14th theatrical debuts include the romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe, Foxís Jumper, Disneyís sequel Step Up 2 the Streets, and Paramountís Spiderwick Chronicles. Looking at those, Indyís trailer probably has the best chance of being attached to Spiderwick, since it is a Paramount vehicle. At the same time, Jumper might appeal more to that Indy-action crowd than the more fantastical Spiderwick Chronicles.