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Letterman turns down N.S. hospitality
A fiddling demonstration from Premier Rodney MacDonald was not enough to lure David Letterman to Nova Scotia.
Nor were the dozens of top 10 reasons to visit the province delivered in response to a campaign by CBC Radio Halifax.
The invitations were sent after Letterman expressed a wish to see Nova Scotia during an appearance by Halifax actress Ellen Page on his late-night talk show.
A spokesman for Worldwide Pants, the production company behind the Late Show with David Letterman, turned down those invitations on Friday.
“We have seen it,” Worldwide Pants spokesman Tom Keaney said, referring to MacDonald’s video showing his top 10 reasons and demonstrating his fiddling prowess.
“We’re honoured and flattered to be invited to Nova Scotia, but we have no travel plans for the show at this time.”
Premier MacDonald’s pitch included reasons such as “you can make a blueberry grunt” and “no matter where you are in Nova Scotia, you’re within 30 minutes of the sea. Thirty-five if it’s rush hour.”
In his video submission, the premier plays a few bars on a fiddle as he gives his No. 1 reason why Letterman should come to the province.
‘Top that, Mike Huckabee’
“Nova Scotia’s political leader, yours truly, plays the fiddle,” he said, before taking a playful jab at a Republican presidential candidate who plays bass guitar. “Top that, Mike Huckabee.”
Information Morning had its own 10 reasons why he should visit, and encouraged listeners to send theirs so it could send them on to Letterman.
Several schools, an improv group and even a tourism management class at the Nova Scotia Community College got in on the campaign, which quickly turned into a contest.
Businesses joined in, too, with one lodge offering Letterman a free place to stay.
Page, who is winning acclaim for her role in Juno, wooed Letterman with her own tales of Nova Scotia during her appearance on his show.
She mentioned the 1917 Halifax Explosion and how her century-old home in Halifax used to be a whorehouse.
Letterman said he had never been to Nova Scotia but heard it was beautiful.
Letterman’s spokesman did not rule out a personal visit by the funnyman.
“As far as Dave’s private life goes, I cannot and do not comment,” he said.
Information Morning show producer Susan Rogers said getting Letterman to Nova Scotia would be the “cherry on the sundae.”
“But I think the coup is just the energy we’ve built around this,” she said Friday.