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Duckman – Studio Exec VP Goes on Record: Duckman Coming to DVD! Date Not Yet Revealed, But It IS In The Works!
Our good friend Susanne Ault, of trade magazine Video Business, has put together a new story posted yesterday at VB’s website, titled “CBS DVD to increase its release slate: Label plans to roll out 105 to 110 titles”. In it, Susanne discusses how CBS DVD “now retains creative oversight over series from former sibling Paramount Television, including Beverly Hills 90210 and Twin Peaks, and Showtime, home of Dexter and The L Word…(and d)espite Viacom and CBS now being separate companies, Viacom’s Paramount Home Entertainment and CBS DVD work together, with Paramount handling sales and distribution and the two companies sharing marketing duties.” This, by the way, is essentially why we here at TVShowsOnDVD tend to refer to releases as being from “CBS/Paramount”, due to the shared nature of the production and distribution.
Susanne’s article goes over how CBS DVD intends to release 13-18% more TV-DVD titles in 2008 – roughly 105-110 planned releases – as compared to their 2007 slate. In it, she covers three major pieces of news for fans. Two of them concern HD DVD-format releases, and we’ve posted about those separately. The DVD-specific news in Susanne’s story, though, will bowl over fans who have been waiting for a release for a looong time of…Duckman!
Klasky-Csupo (Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys) produced this 1994 animated series, with a cast that includes the voices of Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Gregg Berger (“Grimlock” from Transformers), singer Dweezil Zappa, Nancy Travis (Becker) and Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show). It is currently the 83rd-most-wanted unreleased series among TVShowsOnDVD voters, and has massive support around the internet for a home video release. It looks like this is coming out at long last. Here is what Susanne’s story says:
(CBS DVD Executive VP and General Manager Ken) Ross hopes to keep satisfying consumer demand through 2008 with the release of Duckman, a cult ’90s animated program. An online petition for the series’ DVD bow has garnered more than 7,000 signatures.
“There has been a level of fan demand for this show for a long time,” said Ross, who declined to specify exact reasons for the DVD release hold-up. “We really had to wrap our brain around figuring a way to do it.”
Exact street date or pricing has not yet been set for Duckman, but it’s possible that multiple seasons will be released within one package next year.
“Our philosophy is that we are TV, so we are going to work harder than anybody to try to find a way to put a series out if there is a demand for it,” said Ross. “We bring that same mentality to any and everything we can do.”
I suspect Duckman fans are dancing around the room in celebration of this terrific news, but as stated we do not have a release date yet. It’s safe to assume we’ll see it in 2008, and we hope to break that news to you just as soon as we can. So stay tuned!