As excited as I am about the game…I hope they do not do any more movies!

Ghostbusters 3 Not Ruled Out Completely
Ghostbusters is one of those films that achieved perfection to the point that everyone would love to see the story continue on. Nevermind that Ghostbusters 2 didnít quite live up to the first movie. People still want to see more of Venkman, Egon, Ray, and Winstonís antics.
Thankfully, we know the story is continuing. If nothing else, thereís the upcoming video game that features the voices of Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and even Bill Murray, who usually doesnít want to be bothered with the franchise from the past. Hudson says the game may not be the only possibility for the future, however, and not to rule out the idea of a third movie.
Hudson told The Money Times that, “Danny Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, I know they want to do another film. It would be great if we could get back together again.” We know Aykroyd wants to do another film as well. As Moviehole points out in their reporting, itís pretty common knowledge that the writer has scripts penned out for two more chapters in the Ghostbusters saga.
In the meantime, Hudson is happy to be a part of the upcoming video game, appeasing one of his guilts of the past: “I’m really excited about that because when they came out with the cartoon (TV series,) none of us did the cartoon and I kind of regretted that because then I thought, ‘It would have been fun to do it.’ So, I’m glad that the game is happening.î
So are we Ernie, so are we.