How did I not make this list again this year?!?!?!?

Hockey, Britney lead top Yahoo searches of 2007
The NHL has topped Yahoo Canada’s list of the most searched terms for the second year in a row, the internet company reported Monday.
Other hot search items included Britney Spears, Environment Canada and two Hiltons รณ socialite Paris and blogger Perez.
“Canadian search results show that we are more than just a celebrity-obsessed culture,” said Oliver Ho, Yahoo Canada’s front page and buzz index editor, in a release. “This year’s top searches also revealed a more practical and pragmatic side of our consciousness with searches for Revenue Canada, the weather and the Lottery Corporation.”
The company, which compiles the top 10 based on searches on its Yahoo Canada search engine, also broke down the top searches by category.
Apple’s new iPhone and redesigned iPod led the list of top searched gadgets in 2007, while Nintendo’s Wii led the searches in the console wars, followed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s new handheld PSP and PlayStation 3 console. Rounding out the top electronics hits were accessories for Nintendo’s DS handheld videogame system, digital cameras and plasma TVs.
Former MP Belinda Stronach, who withdrew from politics and battled breast cancer during 2007, led the news list, followed by the October provincial elections in Ontario, the execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and Paris Hilton’s short-lived summer jail term. Also making the list were searches for the Virginia Tech and Dawson College shootings, the Robert Pickton murder trial, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the New Democratic Party and the Ontario Liberal Party.
The general search term “funny pictures” led the most-searched images, while tattoos took spots five and nine, hairstyles No. 6, and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens made the list “clothed” and “unclothed” at spots four and seven. Funny videos in turn led the video list, with the Manitoba Bigfoot sighting, Britney Spears and movie trailers all earning places in the top 10.
In entertainment searches, which the company said consistently top the lists in both Canada and the U.S., Spears and American Idol led the list, with Canadian musician Avril Lavigne in fifth place, soap opera Days of Our Lives hitting No. 8 and the late model Anna Nicole Smith rounding out the 10th spot.
The company found Canadians also have the urge to uncover the odd online, with UFOs, giant squids, vampires, sasquatch sightings and the devil’s bible all making the list of oddities.
Here Were The Top 10 searches in 2007:
2 Britney Spears
3 American Idol
5 Perez Hilton
6 Revenue Canada
7 OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation)
8 Environment Canada
9 Paris Hilton