10691 – So mark it in your calendar – November 7th, 2011!!!

Premier-designate Wall confirms date of next election
In his first formal news conference as premier-designate, Brad Wall has confirmed the Saskatchewan Party will proceed with fixed election dates.
The date of the next general provincial election will be November 7, 2011, Wall said at the legislative building in Regina on Thursday.
The Saskatchewan Party won Wednesday’s election by taking 38 of 58 constituencies, defeating the NDP, which had been in power since 1991. Before the election was called, the NDP had 30 seats and the Saskatchewan Party had 28.
Results on Wednesday night indicated that Wall’s party had won 37 seats, Lorne Calvert’s NDP had taken 21 and the Liberals had got none.
However, Elections Saskatchewan said Thursday that there was a mistake in the tally in Meadow Lake, Originally, it was believed that New Democrat Maynard Sonntag won with a narrow margin over the Saskatchewan Party’s Jeremy Harrison. However, Elections Saskatchewan said it turns out that Harrison won by 17 votes, dropping the NDP’s seat count to 20.
There are still more than 100 absentee ballots to be counted and that could again change the outcome.
A short session of the legislature is expected to be held in December.
Wall said he would spend the next few weeks preparing for the transition to power, selecting a cabinet and spending time with his family.
Among those sending congratulations to Wall was Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Harper issued a statement saying he looked forward to working with Wall. He said Wall’s party has been given a mandate to address the issues of importance to Saskatchewan people.