Doctor Who

This would make me very, very happy!!

Movie Rumors Continue
Rumors are circulating through the media of a forthcoming Doctor Who movie. Billie Piper, rumored to be set to return as Rose for series four, is now being cited as starring alongside current Doctor David Tennant in the film. “It’s all been hushed up … but yes, it’s definitely happening,” a source reportedly told the Daily Star. “David and Billie were a superb combination on the small screen, so it seems only right that they appear in the film.”
These reports are coming out following a statement made by BBC Head of Fiction Jane Tranter,who recently told Media Guardian that she is keeping the possibility of a Doctor Who film open. Tranter is quoted as saying, “I would not rule out a film version of Doctor Who, no.” There has been no announcements regarding the return of Piper or a forthcoming film released by the BBC.