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Fraggle CD collection arrives October 30
New collector’s edition CD box set includes all three original Fraggle Rock albums and bonus liner notes, cast photos and sheet music from the beloved series
KOCH Records announces the release of Fraggle Rockiní-A 3 CD Collectorís Edition on October 30, 2007. This 3-Disc Collectorís Edition contains all 3 original albums, wonderfully re-mastered and packed in one digi-pack set, with rarely seen photos and contributions from the original composers. Now fans and collectors of all ages can dance their cares awayÖdown at Fraggle Rock.
Music played an important role in all of Jim Hensonís work, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of Fraggle Rock. Harmony, among species and within nature, is a central theme of the series, and original music enlivens each episode and helps the characters make connections and find resolutions to their conflicts. The Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs sing and dance their cares away to all manner of songs, written in every musical style imaginable by composers Dennis Lee and Philip Balsam.
Don Gillisís musical direction and scoring emphasize the joy and vitality of each performance, moving along the action and bringing each story to a satisfying conclusion. The poetry of the lyrics and the hand-clapping rhythms make the music of Fraggle Rock a toe-tapping delight for all who listen.
Disc 1 Fraggle Rock
1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Follow Me
3. Convincing John
4. Doozer Knitting Song
5. Do It On My Own
6. Wemblin’ Fool
7. Why?
8. Lost and Found
9. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
10. Brave Boy, Jump Up
11. Muck and Goo
12. Friendship Song
13. Fraggle Rock Rock
14. Beetle Song
15. Easy is the Only Way to Go
16. Our Melody
Disc 2 Fraggle Rock: Perfect Harmony
1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Go with the Flow
3. Perfect Harmony
4. Without a Hat
5. Music Box
6. Here to There
7. Sail Away
8. Workin’
9. Dum De Dum
10. Ragtime Queen
11. I Seen Troubles
12. Dreaming of Someone
13. Pantry Chant
14. Helping Hand
15. Time to Live as One
16. Closing Theme
Disc 3 Fraggle Rock – Music and Magic
1. Fraggle Rock Theme
2. Pukka, Pukka, Pukka Squeetily Boink
3. Let Me Be Your Song
4. Wemblin’ Fool
5. Yes, We Can
6. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
7. There’s a Lot I Want to Know
8. Follow Me
9. Friends Till the End
10. Is It True?
11. The Rock Goes On
12. Pass It On
13. Just Don’t Know What Time It Is
14. Convincing John
15. Get Goin’
16. Doozer Knitting Song
17. The Way I’ve Got To Go
18. Only Way Home
19. Stuff Samba
20. Sweet, Sweet Little Treat
21. Closing Theme