Sadly, I probably won’t be in a theatre again this weekend!!

“Yuma” vs. “Halloween” at weekend box office
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The surprisingly strong box office hit “Halloween” could score a second weekend as the top movie in North America, despite an onslaught of violent pictures that will siphon off male moviegoers.
“3:10 to Yuma,” a remake of the classic Western, and “Shoot ‘Em Up,” a campy action thriller, will both open in theaters on Friday, as will the sex farce, “The Brothers Solomon.”
Lionsgate’s “Yuma” is skewing older, as Westerns always do, but the solid pairing of Russell Crowe and Christian Bale could draw nicely across a broader range of demos. “Yuma” has been something of a critics’ darling, with early reviews calling the film a well-executed remake of the 1957 original.
Gunning for up to $12 million in prerelease tracking forecasts, “Yuma” could capture the weekend crown. That’s unless “Halloween” manages a better-than-average hold.
Director Rob Zombie’s reimagining of the horror classic grossed $30.6 million for distributor MGM during the four-day weekend, a record opening for the Labor Day period. If “Halloween” were to hold its Friday-Sunday drop to a relatively modest 40%, that would shape a second-weekend haul of about $16 million.
Tracking data show keenest interest in “Shoot ‘Em Up” limited to younger males, for whom star Clive Owen has been something of a rock star since his ace turn in the edgy thriller “Sin City.” And the fanboys won’t exactly hate seeing Monica Bellucci’s name atop one-sheets, either.
Still, word-of-mouth could swing positive or negative, depending on how early audiences react to the film’s quirky mix of cartoonish violence and dark humor. Anything in the teen millions would represent a solid outing for the New Line Cinema release.
“Brothers Solomon” might fetch a bit of date-movie business, but its humor is more of the gross-out variety, meaning that core appeal will be narrow. The Sony Pictures release is likely to open in the single-digit millions.