Colm Feore!! Cool!!!!

First Husband Cast on ’24’
Canadians will infiltrate the White House on the next season of “24.”
While Colm Feore won’t be claiming the highest office in the land, the veteran actor — a resident of Our Friendly Neighbor to the North — has been cast as the First Husband on “24.”
Cherry Jones was previously announced at the first female “24” president.
It isn’t spoiling anything to note that there’s a spotty history when it comes to “24” First Ladies and their sanity. Will Feore’s character follow in the footsteps of Penny Johnson Jerald’s Sherry Palmer or Jean Smart’s Martha Logan?
While he’s earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most decorated stage and screen stars, Feore was actually born to Irish parents in Boston. Feore’s American TV credits include the HBO film “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” and a guest turn on “Battlestar Galactica.” He’s been seen on the big screen in films ranging from “National Security” and “Paycheck” to the bilingual smash “Bon Cop, Bad Cop.”
The seventh season of “24” is set to begin shooting on Sept. 10, a date that’s already been pushed back due to a variety of production delays. In addition to Feore and Jones, new additions to the Emmy-winning drama include Janeane Garofalo.