Sex Pistols’ first album, classic singles to be rereleased
Virgin Records plans to mark the 30th anniversary of The Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the BollocksÖHere’s the Sex Pistols with a rerelease of the album and their four classic singles.
The British band helped shape the punk scene of the late 1970s with their then-shocking songs about anarchy, violence and apathy.
Both the album and their classic singles ó Anarchy in the U.K., God Save the Queen, Pretty Vacant and Holidays in the Sun ó will be rereleased on seven-inch vinyl.
The paper sleeves will have reproductions of Jamie Reid’s original artwork and the album will include the same poster issued with the original Never Mind the Bollocks in 1977.
Never Mind the Bollocks will include Submission, a track left off the original album when it was mistakenly released a week earlier than planned.
God Save the Queen, with John Lydon, who would later perform under the name Johnny Rotten, on vocals, was banned by the BBC.
The band broke up after only two years.
The singles will be released throughout October and Never Mind the Bollocks on Oct. 29.