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Students in 5 provinces awarded Hnatyshyn Foundation arts grants
Performing arts students from Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the latest recipients of $10,000 grants each from the Hnatyshyn Foundation, a charity founded by the former governor general.
Gerda Hnatyshyn, widow of the late Ramon John Hnatyshyn, announced from Ottawa on Wednesday the names of nine recipients of the developing artists grants for students enrolled in post-secondary education.
Instead of the originally planned eight grants, organizers decided to award nine because of two exceptional finalists in the classical orchestral instrument category.
The 2007 recipients are:
Victor Fournelle-Blain, 19, violinist from Sainte-Julienne, Que.
Keith Dyrda, 18, a trombonist from Oakbank, Man.
Devon Joiner, 18, a pianist from Nanaimo, B.C.
Eli Bennett, 18, a saxophonist from Vancouver.
Alyssa Stevens, 18, a ballet dancer from Surrey, B.C.
Megan Nadain, 20, a contemporary dancer from Vancouver.
Lindsey Angell, 23, a stage actress from High River, Alta.
Claudiane Ruelland, 23, a stage actress from Quebec City.
Allison Cecilia Arends, 24, a soprano from Regina.
The grants are to be used for the students’ studies in September.
A devoted arts partron, Ray Hnatyshyn, as he was known, established the foundation in the mid-1990s, after completing his term as governor general. The goal was to promote and support the arts and arts education.
Since Hnatyshyn’s death in 2002, his widow has served as the foundation’s president and board chair.