Some one buy it so I can see it!!

Big Studios Hate Woody Allen
Woody Allen is one of the most eccentric and arguably the greatest filmmaker in the history of Hollywood. The New York obsessed neurotic has been nominated for an astounding twenty-one Academy Awards. Fourteen of those honors came in the screenwriting category. His 1977 masterwork Annie Hall is one of the greatest films I have ever seen and still sets the bar for the entire romantic comedy genre. After a lull of mediocre films in the early ëaughts, Allen stormed back with his brilliant 2005 release Match Point. So why the hell wonít anyone buy his new film?
According to Teletext through Film Stalker, none of the big studios have shown interest in purchasing the quirky helmerís new film. Cassandraís Dream, which stars Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell, centers on the relationship of two brothers who turn to crime after a girlfriend pits the two against each other. Iíd pay to see this movie right now!
Itís really a shame to see a cinematic legend struggle at the end of his career. Itís true that most of his films are set on an elevated intellectual level, alienating a large portion of American audiences, but he still has a rabid, cult following. For some reason, I donít really think this bothers Woody to much, though; after all, he was the one that said, ìIf youíre not failing now and again, itís a sign that youíre not doing anything very innovative.î