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Sandler’s ‘Gay Robot’ May Get Animated
Comedy Central is reportedly considering reimagining Adam Sandler’s “Gay Robot” pilot as a potential animated series.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Comedy Central is giving thought to redeveloping the property after clips of “Gay Robot” acquired a cult following on sites including MySpace and YouTube.
Sony Pictures Television and Sandler and Jack Giarraputo’s Happy Madision Productions did “Gay Robot,” based on a Sandler skit, in live action form for Comedy Central back in 2005.
The cable network opted not to pick up the pilot, which featured the voice of Nick Swardson, who also co-wrote the pilot with Tom Gianas and originated the character on Sander’s comedy album “Shhh… Don’t Tell.”
“Gay Robot” tells the story of a robot who turns out gay after his designer accidentally spilled a wine cooler on his circuits. In the pilot, the rainbox-festooned title character was prone to hanging out with a group of frat boys who try to get him a date to the homecoming dance.
Gay Robot has 32,000-plus MySpace friends and the clips on YouTube have tens of thousands of page views.