I like Sarah Silverman, I really do, but nothing she ever does is sucessful…so I am left wondering why she keeps getting this great opportunities!! Oh well, I hope she rocks!!

Silverman Is Magic for MTV Movie Awards
MTV announced Thursday that Silverman will host the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, bringing her particular brand of pretty-girl-says-filthy-things humor to the irreverent trophy show. She takes over for Jessica Alba, who hosted the awards last year.
The awards are scheduled to air live on Sunday, June 3. “Survivor” guru Burnett is executive producing the show, his first collaboration with MTV.
“Sarah’s irreverent, no-holds-barred sarcasm and humor have made her one of the hottest comedians in the industry,” says Christina Norman, president of MTV. “Sarah is just the person to orchestrate the madness and keep everyone guessing about who’ll be her next target.”
Silverman stars in “The Sarah Silverman Program,” which returns for a second season on MTV’s Viacom sibling Comedy Central in the fall. She also hosted the Independent Spirit Awards in 2006.
Her movie and TV credits also include “The School of Rock,” “Greg the Bunny” and a feature-film version of her one-woman show, “Jesus Is Magic.”