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Marr, Dixie Chicks Enrich Crowded House Album
As expected, the newly reformed Crowded House will release its first album in nearly 15 years this summer. “Time on Earth” will feature contributions from guitarist Smiths/Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr on a pair of songs, plus production credits from Ethan Johns and Steve Lillywhite.
The album will be released July 2 in the U.K. via Parlophone and July 10 in North America via ATO Records.
“Time on Earth” was formed from the foundation of what would have been frontman Neil Finn’s next solo album, which was in the works with Crowded House bassist Nick Seymour. It will be the first album to feature the band’s new drummer Matt Sherrod, who replaces the late Paul Hester. One cut, “Silent House,” was co-written with the Dixie Chicks, whose own version of the song appeared on last year’s Grammy-award winning “Taking the Long Way.”
Crowded House’s last studio effort, “Together Alone,” was released in 1993. In January, the group released the CD/DVD set “Farewell to the World,” which chronicled its final concert in 1996 in Sydney.
Crowded House is confirmed for only a handful of concerts so far, including a gig tomorrow (April 26) at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Ariz., which precedes an appearance at Coachella this weekend.
Here is the track list to “Time on Earth”:
“Nobody Wants To”
“Don’t Stop Now”
“She Called Up”
“Say That Again”
“Pour Le Monde”
“Even a Child”
“Heaven That I’m Making”
“Silent House”
“English Trees”
“Walked Her Way Down”
“Transit Lounge”
“You Are the One To Make Me Cry”
“A Sigh”
“People Are Like Suns”