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‘Spider-Man’ Director Raimi Considers ‘The Hobbit’
Spider-Man 4 is beginning to look a little shaky – director Sam Raimi is looking to tackle literary epic The Hobbit. The moviemaker, who is the brains behind all three Spider-Man movies, has revealed he’s in the running to replace Peter Jackson as the director of the Lord Of The Rings prequel. And, if he does head to Middle Earth, actress Kirsten Dunst insists she definitely won’t be back for a fourth Spider-Man. In an exclusive interview with, Raimi says, “Peter Jackson might be the best filmmaker on the planet right now… First and foremost, those (Lord of The Rings films) are Peter Jackson and (New Line studio boss) Bob Shaye’s films. If Peter didn’t want to do it, and Bob wanted me to do it – and they were both OK with me picking up the reigns – that would be great. I love the book. It’s maybe a more kid-friendly story than the others.” Dunst, who was in Tokyo, Japan last night for the Spider-Man 3 world premiere, insists she can’t imagine returning for a fourth film without Raimi. She explains, “It’s disrespectful to the whole team, I think, to do that. And audiences aren’t stupid. It’d be a big flop without me, Tobey Maguire or Sam. That would really not be the smartest move.”