Poor Andy!!

NBC Bounces ‘Barker’ to Saturday
Given the underwhelming ratings it’s earned in its few weeks on the air, “Andy Barker, P.I.” was probably a longshot for renewal next year anyway. But that shot just got longer.
NBC has bumped “Andy” from its Thursday schedule this week and moved the show’s final two episodes to the barren wasteland that is Saturday night network primetime. The remaining two episodes of the show will air back-to-back at 8 p.m. ET Saturday, April 14.
“Scrubs” will take over “Andy’s” 9:30 p.m. time period a week earlier than originally planned. The veteran hospital comedy is switching spots with “30 Rock” for a few weeks and will move back to 9 p.m. in early May.
If there’s any positive news in the “Andy Barker” move, it’s that all six produced episodes will now air on the network. NBC had initially scheduled only five for air, with the sixth, “The Lady Varnishes,” slated to appear only on the network’s web site.
The first three episodes of “Andy Barker,” which stars Andy Richter as a CPA-turned-private eye, averaged about 5.2 million viewers. Those numbers give the show, which earned a fair share of critical praise, the unwelcome distinction of being NBC’s lowest-rated series this season.