Here’s another opportunity for me to put the word “Woody” in a sentence about Scarlett Johansson!!

Woody’s the man for Johansson?
Forget Justin Timberlake and Josh Hartnett.
The love of Scarlett Johansson’s life is Woody Allen.
“I’d sew the hems of his pants if he asked me to,” the actress, 22, coos in the April issue of Vogue, on newstands Tuesday.
And the adoration is mutual.
She’s “criminally sexy,” Allen, 71, said in an e-mail sent to Vogue about his Match Point muse. “She is unlike anyone who has come before her, and while she is a much stronger actress in every way, there is a tiny bit of Marilyn Monroe in her zaftig humidity.”
Though their heat is strictly professional, Johansson tells Vogue she works hard to keep her romantic life private. But she’s quick to declare as “not true” reports last month that she and Timberlake were an item.
“We had fun together, but it’s not like the first time I’ve ever hung out with him,” she says. “I think this happens because we’re both single and in the spotlight, and obviously Justin’s a very high-profile person.”
But Vogue reports Johansson’s sunny disposition turned dark when asked about Hartnett, her co-star in The Black Dahlia.
“I’d rather not comment on my personal life in that way,” the actress says.
Johansson’s next film, The Nanny Diaries, opens April 20.