Will they sue “Oscar The Grouch” next?

Oscar-losing decision for Academy Awards
The organization that presents the Academy Awards has lost a court battle against an Italian broadcaster over the use of the word Oscar.
A judge in Los Angeles has turned down a suit by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) against RAI International for broadcasting several awards programs, including Oscar del Vino (Wine Oscars) and La Kore รณ Oscar della Moda (Fashion Oscars ).
The programs are seen in the U.S. through the satellite company EchoStar Communications Corp.
“EchoStar presents evidence that the meaning of Oscar in the Italian-language programs is quite different than the meaning of Oscar in English,” wrote Judge Audrey Collins.
“The use of Oscar to describe an award or awards program is arbitrary or fanciful and deserves maximum protection. However, EchoStar has presented evidence showing that the word Oscar could be considered generic in Italy and in the Italian language.”
David Quinto, the attorney for AMPAS, argued that the shows are seen by non-Italians in the U.S. and for them Oscar is connected to the Academy Awards.
But in her decision, Collins also noted that the shows highlighted achievement in Italian sectors other than entertainment.
The Academy is still pursuing the case. Quinto told the Hollywood Reporter that AMPAS has requested that EchoStar produce its entire customer list so the Academy can hire experts to gauge whether there is actual confusion over the case.
“The court has simply said on the record before it [that] the evidence was insufficient to grant the motion,” said Quinto.