Star Wars

So how long will it be until the first one is stolen?

R2-D2 mailboxes to stand guard at U.S. post offices
Three decades ago in a galaxy not so far away, filmmaker George Lucas launched Hollywood’s Star Wars phenomenon, and now the U.S. Postal Service is celebrating the film’s 30th birthday this year by decorating mailboxes to look like famed droid R2-D2.
Approximately 400 mail collection boxes have been wrapped to look like Lucas’s iconic beeping robot and will be distributed across 200 U.S. cities, postal officials announced Thursday.
R2-D2 is among the most prominent characters of the Star Wars universe, beloved by legions of film fans for his heroism, ingenuity and as comic relief in his scenes with his android companion, C-3PO.
News about the mailbox project had been floating online among Star Wars buffs in the past few weeks. Officials also confirmed another web rumour: that the R2 mailboxes are part of a promotion for a new, Star Wars-themed stamp.
“It’s a little teaser for the upcoming announcement and we decided to have a little fun with it,” said Anita T. Bizzotto, the post office’s chief marketing officer.
A further announcement is scheduled for March 28.
While postal officials are encouraging fans to seek out the new R2 mailboxes, they also reminded people not to tamper with them or try to steal the boxes รณ which is a U.S federal offence.
Fans of the space-fantasy series hailing from all corners of the world are expected to descend on the Los Angeles Convention Center beginning May 24 to celebrate the 30th anniversary at the five-day Star Wars party entitled Celebration.