Walk this way!! Rock this way!!

Charlottetown takes another step Aerosmith’s way
Charlottetown city council voted Monday night to pay for police and fire services for a major concert this summer, although there is no band confirmed and no price tag attached to those services.
‘There’s no dollar figure. It’s vague and ambiguous.’ó Coun. Mitchell Tweel
Rumours have been spreading for weeks that Aerosmith would play Charlottetown this summer.
Concert promoter David Carver, who brought the Black Eyed Peas to the city in September, said he is just a few steps away from following up that act with Aerosmith this year.
“Aerosmith is without a doubt one of the top three concert-selling and album-selling bands ever,” Carver told the council meeting.
“I’m getting e-mails from Louisiana, California, New York ó people are coming for this show.”
It’s not uncommon for cities to pay for emergency services for major concerts, but Carver was charged for the overtime put in by police officers and firefighters at the Black Eyed Peas concert last year, a bill that came to $17,000.
City council approved the expenditure in a 5-3 vote.
Carver said it was a worthwhile investment by the city. If he pulls it off, Charlottetown would be one of just three North American stops for Aerosmith in a 2007 world tour.
Coun. Mitchell Tweel is an Aerosmith fan, but he voted against Monday night’s resolution because no price tag was attached to the motion.
“If you look at the resolution, it’s open-ended,” said Tweel.
“There’s no dollar figure. It’s vague and ambiguous. I mean it could be 50,000, it could be 75,000, it could be 100,000.”
Carver said there are just a few details to be worked out, including an aspect of the concert that he said could showcase Charlottetown to the rest of the world.