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ACTRA, producers reach deal
Canadian actors have reached a tentative deal with producers to end a six-week-old strike.
The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), which represents 21,000 actors from across the country, verbally agreed with Canadian and Hollywood producers to end the dispute Friday afternoon.
Jeff Brinton, the spokesman for the Canadian Film & Television Production Association, said some details still need to be ironed out and the deal is subject to ratification, but an agreement is essentially in place.
Terms of the deal were not immediately available.
Wages and internet rights have been at the centre of a bitter battle between Canadian actors and producers that began in October and reached a head when ACTRA called a strike on Jan. 8.
The walkout began in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and took effect later in other jurisdictions.
During the strike, ACTRA allowed its members to work only with producers who signed a special continuation letter, agreeing to ACTRA’s terms on wages, benefits and electronic rights.
There was word earlier this week that the two sides might be inching closer to a deal.