I agree with him, winning one would be much sweeter!!

Morricone “Disappointed” by Honorary Oscar
Hollywood composer Ennio Morricone is disappointed he will receive an honorary Academy Award later this month, because it was his lifelong ambition to avoid winning an Oscar.
Morricone, who has scored music for over 400 films, has been nominated for Best Original Score Academy Awards for Days Of Heaven, The Mission, The Untouchables, Bugsy and Malena in the past, but failed to pick up an Oscar for his efforts.
The 70-year-old insists he liked the idea of joining iconic director Stanley Kubrick in missing out on a win – but concedes his Oscar may “fill a hole.”
He says, “After five nominations I expected nothing, in fact I hoped I’d remain without an Oscar. I would have remained in the company of illustrious non-winners. I see the Oscar as a little bit of a fluke – even if those who win deserve it.
That doesn’t mean that I’m not happy about it. I have received so many beautiful, incredible prizes, but there was a little hole. Maybe the Oscar fills the hole.”