If “Norbit” is hurting Eddie Murphy’s chances, Wahlberg’s humility is helping his.

Good times for Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg has had his share of career changes. He went from Boston street thug to Calvin Klein model to rap singer to actor. This year, he was nominated for an Oscar for his role as a tough-talking Boston policeman in The Departed, and he’s in talks to do a sequel. He speaks with USA TODAY’s Scott Bowles about his latest role: supporting-actor Oscar nominee.
Q: You’ve never been to the Oscars. Why?
A: It’s weird. I didn’t want to show up if I wasn’t nominated. It sort of felt like crashing a party you weren’t invited to.
Q: How did it feel to be the only actor nominated, considering the caliber of the cast?
A: I felt funny about it. You look at the amazing actors who were a part of this: Jack (Nicholson), Leo (DiCaprio), Matt (Damon), Alec (Baldwin), Martin Sheen. And it was just very hard to believe that I got a nomination. It was very humbling.
Q: If there’s a sentimental favorite this year, it’s for director Martin Scorsese winning his first Oscar. Which would you rather see: You with the Oscar or Scorsese?
A: Marty, for sure. What was funny about being on the set was that, even with that amazing cast, we were all there for Marty, to see his vision come to be on the screen. I’m going to be pretty upset if he doesn’t win it.
Q: You have to be pulling for yourself.
A: You know who I really feel good for? My parents. I put them through so much crap the first 15 years of my life, dealing with the Boston Police Department in the wrong way. It felt great to tell them that I finally put my experiences to good use.
Q: So what are you looking forward to most about the ceremonies?
A: Seeing Jack (Nicholson). Every day he was on set, it brightened my day. I’m not kidding. That guy lights up a room.