Larry Sanders Show, The – Not Just the Press Release
With More Than 8 Hours of Newly-Produced Material Including Garry Shandling in Personal and Intimate Meetings With Stars Like Alec Baldwin, Tom Petty, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, and More, This DVD is…
The DVD Set Also Includes 23 Classic Episodes of the Emmy Award-Winning TV Program, the Documentary – “The Making of The Larry Sanders Show” – and Features Guest Appearances by Jason Alexander, Warren Beatty, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Sean Penn, Vince Vaughn and More
The Four-Disc DVD Collection Debuts on April 17
Culver City, Ca (February 5, 2007) – Forget about the 23 featured episodes of the Emmy AwardÆ-winning “The Larry Sanders Show” (it received a whopping 56 Emmy nominations during its run on HBO). NOT JUST THE BEST OF THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW contains more than eight hours of newly produced material that makes this not just your usual DVD – not even close! The four-disc DVD boxed set debuts on DVD on April 17 at the suggested retail price of $49.95.
This innovative, provocative and hugely entertaining release includes personal, intimate, indulgent visits meant until now for only Garry Shandling to see – raw, real-life situations between Shandling and stars who appear in the featured episodes – including Alec Baldwin, Tom Petty, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Sharon Stone and many others. These unrehearsed visits surpass even the Larry Sanders reality, as they once again explore the core ingredients of the ground-breaking program – unexpected human behavior, truth and humor.
The DVD includes the documentary, The Making of The Larry Sanders Show, which reveals an in-depth and surprising look at the process of turning a script into a show that was ahead of its time. The Los Angeles Times selected Garry ShandlingÇs series as one of ten TV programs that had inarguable influenceÇ on the industry and this DVD is a celebration of the seriesÇ unique place in entertainment lore.
NOT JUST THE BEST OF THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW also features guest appearances on the featured episodes by a wide slate of stars which includes Jim Carrey, Vince Vaughn, Warren Beatty, Sean Penn, Ellen DeGeneres, Jason Alexander, Carol Burnett and Winona Ryder. The featurette “Rip Torn and Jeffrey Tambor Visit Garry Shandling in His Living Room” is a reunion of Shandling, Torn and Tambor discussing working together on the show.
Also included are interview featurettes with cast members Penny Johnson, Wallace Langham, Scott Thompson, Janeane Garofalo, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sarah Silverman, Jeremy Piven, Bob Odenkirk, and Linda Doucett.
The Larry Sanders Show debuted on HBO August 1, 1992, and was ahead of its time, becoming an immediate critical and audience hit for its satirical, tongue-in-cheek look at Hollywood. The series that combined documentary-like camerawork with a clever blend of fact and fiction set the standard of quality for HBO and influenced the development of shows like Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Office.Over the course of its six-year, 89-episode run, the series was nominated for 56 Emmy Awards [winning three: Outstanding Writing (Shandling & Peter Tolan); Outstanding Directing (Todd Holland); Outstanding Supporting Actor (Rip Torn)]. The show also won three Golden GlobeÆ nominations, two Peabody Awards, and five CableACE Awards for Best Comedy Series.
Not Just the Best of The Larry Sanders Show episodes include:
What Have You Done for Me Lately?
The Spider Episode
The Hey Now Episode
The List
The Hankerciser 200
Life Behind Larry
The Mr. Sharon Stone Show
Hank’s Night in the Sun
Office Romance
Hank’s Divorce
Hank’s Sex Tape
I Was a Teenage Lesbian
Larry’s New Love
Everybody Loves Larry
My Name Is Asher Kingsley
Ellen, or Isn’t She?
Pilots and Pens Lost
Another List
The Beginning of the End
Adolph Hankler
The Interview
Putting the GayÇ Back in Litigation
Flip (1-hour)
DVD Special Features Include:
Documentary: The Making of The Larry Sanders Show
Featurette: Trio
Exclusive Interviews: Personal, Intimate, Indulgent Meetings With My Friends That Are Meant Only for Me to See – Interviews with:
Alec Baldwin
Ellen DeGeneres
David Duchovny
Tom Petty
Jerry Seinfeld
Sharon Stone
Jon Stewart
Carol Burnett
Featurette: Interview with Penny Johnson
Featurette: Interview with Wallace Langham
Featurette: Interview with Scott Thompson
Featurette: Interview with Janeane Garofalo
Featurette: Interview with Mary Lynn Rajskub
Featurette: Interview with Sarah Silverman
Featurette: Interview with Jeremy Piven
Featurette: Interview with Bob Odenkirk
Featurette: Interview with Linda Doucett
Deleted and Extended Scenes
Alternate Takes
Audio Commentary and Documentary Introduction on What Have You Done for Me Lately with Garry Shandling and Peter Tolan
Audio Commentary and Documentary Introduction on HankÇs Night in the Sun with Garry Shandling and Todd Holland
Audio Commentary and Documentary Introduction on Putting the åGayÇ Back in Litigation with Garry Shandling and Judd Apatow
Audio Commentary on Flip with Garry Shandling and Peter Tolan
Digitally Remastered Audio and Video
Full Screen Presentations
Audio: English (Dolby Surround)
Subtitles: Spanish
Closed Captioned
Broadcast Years: 1992 – 1998
Not Just the Best of The Larry Sanders Show has a run time of approximately 660 minutes and is not rated.
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