I love it when actors review themselves!!

January 30, 2007 — Here’s how Peter Weller (succinctly) sums up several pieces of an eclectic rÈsumÈ:
* “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” (1984): “I don’t understand it to this day.”
* “RoboCop” (1987): “Brilliant movie.”
* “RoboCop 2” (1990): “Top-heavy, without the morality. Happy to do [both films] and happy to leave them. Left them to do ‘Naked Lunch’ – fantastic.”
* “Shoot the Moon” (1982): “A nonsympathetic look at American divorce, one of the best of the genre. Proud to be in it. And it may just be the best thing Diane Keaton ever did.”
* “24” (2006): “The patriot who saw it another way. Did it as a favor for a friend [Manny Coto, one of the head writers], very grateful to have done it. It was great to be in that sort of cutting-edge television. . . . I didn’t follow it before the show. They had to get me up to date – they sent me all the DVDs.”