Patience, young Padawan!! Patience!!

Twin Peaks On DVD – Will You Wait?
We’ve got a bit of an update for you today on CBS/Paramount’s plans for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV series on DVD in 2007.
As most of you should know by now, the long-awaited Twin Peaks: The Second Season is already set to hit DVD on 4/10.
Our sources are telling us that this release is designed for those who may already have Season One (released back in 2001 by Artisan/Republic) and the unaired pilot episode (released on DVD in Japan and available only as an import) on disc.
However, for those of you who are patient and want it all in one shot… we’re told to expect CBS/Paramount to announce a Twin Peaks: The Complete Series box set for release later in 2007 that contains both seasons AND the pilot episode, PLUS lots of newly-produced extras.
Watch for details on the box set to be announced in the next few months.