Doctor Who

9697 – The good news is that it doesn’t come out in Canada for two weeks!

Doctor Who – Did you see the chainsaw episode? ***Updated***
We’ve had a few readers write in to report a strange glitch with Doctor Who season 2, which they rented from NetFlix.
At exactly the 32:40 mark of disc 1, episode 2 (“New Earth”) the video switches to chainsaw-horror movie (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning), which includes a very graphic scene of someone getting his legs cut off with a chainsaw. The bonus material on the disc can’t be accessed either, which will allow you to quickly check to see if you have a problem disc.
How can something like this happen? Most DVDs are made up of two layers, so layer 1 is Doctor Who, while layer 2 is the psycho-chainsaw movie. Companies send their material off to be replicated in large replication facilities that handle movies and TV shows from many different companies. There must have been a glitch in the production of Doctor Who which caused the two different layers to be combined, and was caught after a few sets had made their way out of the facility. We’ve only had two reports of this issue, and both people rented the discs from NetFlix.
If you’ve purchased a set like this from a store, please drop us a line, but please do not email to say that your set is fine; we expect there are only a handful of incorrect sets out there.
Update: John Halpin wrote to let us know he had the same problem, but he also said that the disc was labeled “Not for retail sale – Rental only” on it. That’s great news, and it means that consumers shouldn’t have this problem on the sets they purchase.