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WKRP in Cincinnati – Watch for falling Turkeys – Season 1 date, details and extras!
We knew that fans would get excited over the news that WKRP was finally coming out, so we know they’ll love this – the date, specs and a list of extras, thanks to one of our retail friends.
The 3 disc set will feature all 22 episodes (561 mins) from the first season, including the famous Turkey episode. The set will retail for $39.98 when it’s released on April 3.
Disc 1 Side A:
Pilot (Part 1)
Pilot (Part 2)
Les On a Ledge
Hoodlum Rock
Disc 1 Side B:
Bailey’s Show
Turkeys Away
Love Returns
Disc 2 Side A:
Mama’s Review
A Date With Jennifer
The Contest Nobody Could Win2/5/1979 Tornado
Disc 2 Side B:
Goodbye, Johnny
Johnny Comes Back
Never Leave Me, Lucille
I Want to Keep My Baby
Disc 3 Side A:
A Commercial Break
Who is Gordon Sims?
I Do, I DoFor Now
Disc 3 Side B:
Young Master Carlson
Fish Story
Special Features include:
Commentary on Pilot (part 1) by creator and cast members
Commentary on “Johnny Comes Back” by creator and cast members
“Don’t Touch That Dial – the Making of WKRP”
“Turning A ‘Turkey’ Into A Classic”
“Doctor Johnny Fever, And I Am Burning Up In Here”