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CRTC changing radio content rules
OTTAWA (CP) ó The CRTC says itís going to make commercial radio stations air more Canadian jazz, blues and concert music.
The federal regulator also says itís going to almost double the amount of money it collects from radio stations to support Canadian talent.
The ruling says the requirement for broadcasting jazz and blues will rise to 25 per cent of the broadcast week from 10 per cent.
The requirement to air Canadian concert music will rise to 20 per cent from 10 per cent.
The levies for the support of Canadian talent had been based on the size of the market served by each station, but now the commission plans to vary the levies according to revenues.
Stations at the low end will pay a flat $500 and the biggest money makers will pay a flat $1,000 plus 0.5 per cent of over revenues over $1.25 million.