May he continue to rest in peace, and maybe some day the world will be as one…

Ono remembers John’s death
As hard as it is to believe, today is the 26th anniversary of John Lennon’s death.
And George Harrison’s widow, Olivia, for one, likes Yoko Ono’s idea to have the anniversary officially become a worldwide day of healing and peace.
“I think it’s a beautiful and appropriate sentiment, especially the way things are at the moment,” Harrison told The Toronto Sun last week. “Any chance for peace, that’s what John would have wanted to be remembered for.”
Meanwhile, Lennon’s son with Ono, Sean, will play a concert in Toronto next Wednesday at the Opera House.
Olivia Harrison says it’s not easy being a Beatle offspring trying to make music.
“It’s almost a curse, really,” said Harrison, whose son with George, Dhani, has recently been in the studio.
“But you know, if that’s what they have to do then they should do it, and they don’t have to do it in the same way. I tell that to Dhani. ‘If music is in you and you have to make music, just make it.’ The only warning I would have is … just make it for the joy of doing it, and not look for the outcome or the response. Because I think these (Beatle sons) seem to have always had to work harder to get the response that somebody else might get a little easier.”