Slight Delay for Get Smart
We’ve already received a few emails from customers that preordered Get Smart from Time-Life asking why the set has been delayed until next week. We called our contact over there to find out, and he gave us the low-down on what caused the delay.
The sets are comprised of three pieces; the cardboard digipak, the plastic “O” case that goes over the digipack, and the cardboard box that holds all 5 sets. When Time-Life got all the pieces together they noticed that the 5 sets had a tight fit to get into the box, and this caused the front of the sets to bow a bit. They looked into it further and discovered the company that printed the plastic “O” case used a slightly thicker plastic, and this was causing the problems. The cases have been reprinted, but now they have to be assembled before the sets can ship, so the shipping date was moved back a week.
It’s too bad there’s a delay for the set, but at least this glitch was caught before the sets shipped out and people complained that they didn’t fit in the box properly. I can verify that the sets are tight once my phone booth box arrives; I have the thicker plastic on my sets.
The set can only be ordered directly from Time-Life, and will now ship next Tuesday, November 21.