Honestly, who hasn’t – at one time or another – wondered “What Would Have Happened If…” with something in their lives?

Weinsteins Wonder What Would Have Happened If…
Miramax founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein have suggested that they might have remained with the Disney Co. had Robert Iger been running it while they were there instead of Michael Eisner. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bob Weinstein said that they now “have a very good relationship with Bob Iger … He’s set a fantastic tone. There’s no animosity. It’s actually been good. We’ve wondered if we’d still be there.” Weinstein said that what caused “friction” with the previous regime was that “we walked in every day with the attitude that we were running our own company.” The Weinsteins also told the newspaper that their recently acquired Genius video distribution unit has already produced a profits bonanza for their company, putting it ahead of analysts’ projections. “When people read Genius’s profit statement next year, and the size of the company that we’re building, I think they’ll weep,” Harvey Weinstein told the Journal.