I could see how “BON COP BAD COP” would be the champ as it is a pretty good film in English or in French.

Bon Cop Canada’s new box office champ
Porky’s has finally been unseated from its post as the top-grossing Canadian movie.
The 1981 teen comedy has been surpassed at the box office by Bon Cop, Bad Cop, the bilingual action-comedy about a murder involving Canada’s favourite game.
Bon Cop, Bad Cop had earned $11.36 million at the box office as of this Monday, surpassing Porky’s $11.2 million.
“We made this film without any pretensions, but with the hope that people would find it funny,” said director …rik Canuel.
“We succeeded in attracting a much larger audience than we could have ever imagined.”
Quebecers have embraced Bon Cop most passionately, with $9 million in ticket sales coming from within the province.
But a decidedly Anglo production may soon offer competition.
Trailer Park Boys: The Movie grossed $1.3 million over the long weekend, the biggest opening weekend box office for an English-language Canadian film.
It was 11th top-grossing movie in North America this weekend.
Based on the quirky TV show, it centres on three hoser residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park ó Ricky, Julian and Bubbles.