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Lynch to Distribute His Own Film
‘Inland Empire’ is his first digital video feature
David Lynch is an auteur known for doing things his own way, so it’s no surprise that he’ll distribute his latest film himself.
The director announced that he has secured the North American rights to his first digital video feature, “Inland Empire,” after reaching an agreement with Studio Canal.
“It’s a whole new world out there, even when it comes to distribution,” says Lynch in statement.
The film’s producer adds, ” “David’s decision to explore a new model of distribution is consistent with the fearless way in which he made ‘Inland Empire.'”
The film stars Laura Dern as Nikki, a married actress whose personal life is getting mixed up with her on-screen role as a woman named Sue who gets involved with Billy, played by the actor Devon (Justin Theoux). The film also stars Jeremy Irons, Harry Dean Stanton and Diane Ladd
Lynch has influenced numerous budding filmmakers beginning with the cult favorite “Eraserhead.” His other credits include the box office flop “Dune,” “Wild at Heart,” the “Twin Peaks” series and movie, “Lost Highway,” “Mulholland Drive” and the surprisingly un-creepy “The Straight Story.” He received the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in September.