Canada’s No. 1 Film Is ‘Trailer Park Boys’
The Canadian box office, which usually mirrors the American, saw Trailer Park Boys: The Movie take the lead over The Departed with $1.3 million from about 200 screens in the country.
Distributed by Canada’s Alliance Atlantis and executive produced by Ivan Reitman, the movie is based on a popular Canadian comedy TV series, now in its sixth season, about a gang of dimwit thieves.
In the film, they conspire to steal a large amount of change, figuring that it can’t easily be traced.
Toronto Globe & Mail TV columnist John Doyle remarked on Tuesday, “The thing is, the very existence of the Trailer Park Boys movie is vitally important as a cultural event. … It’s an anti-bourgeois soap opera, a cheerful and loving celebration of life at the bottom. In this country we embrace those at the bottom of the social ladder. It’s that embrace that makes us who we are.”