Comedian pays visit to ex-writer Feresten’s FOX show

Seinfeld Soups Up ‘Talkshow’
LOS ANGELES — Spike Feresten provided Jerry Seinfeld with one of the more memorable episodes of “Seinfeld,” and now Seinfeld will lend his one-time writer a hand by appearing on Feresten’s late-night show.
Seinfeld will be the guest on the Oct. 21 installment of “Talkshow with Spike Feresten,” the FOX show Feresten has fronted for the past few weeks. The comic will do a new piece of stand-up material and sit down with Feresten for an interview.
FOX is calling Seinfeld’s booking “a rare in-studio guest appearance.” While it’s true that Seinfeld has stayed away from the talk-show circuit this year, he’s not a recluse on the level of, say, Thomas Pynchon. He last appeared on “The Tonight Show” in November 2005 and was a guest on “Larry King Live” the following month.
He’s also supportive of Feresten’s early efforts on “Talkshow.” “He’s a really funny guy and he actually has a great thing with the audience,” Seinfeld says of Feresten.
Feresten wrote the “Soup Nazi” and “Little Kicks” episodes of “Seinfeld,” among others, and he and Seinfeld co-wrote (with Barry Marder and fellow “Seinfeld” vet Andy Robin) “Bee Movie,” an animated movie scheduled for release next year. Seinfeld also voices the lead character.
“Talkshow” airs at midnight ET Saturdays, following “MADtv.”