Get well soon, Judy!!

“Scrubs” Nurse Needs Doctoring
Unfortunately, Judy Reyes’ latest trip to the ER wasn’t as a guest-star.
Reyes, who plays feisty nurse Carla Espinosa on Scrubs, suffered a fractured pelvis last Wednesday after falling down at her home, NBC spokesman David Gardner confirmed to E! Online.
“She’s going to be fine,” the 37-year-old actress’ rep, Monique Ward, told People magazine. “She had surgery to repair it on Thursday. She didn’t realize it was as bad as it was and still went to work. Once there, she realized she needed medical treatment. She went to a hospital from the set.” Reyes, who’s also known for her work on HBO’s prison drama, Oz, was expected to be released from the hospital Monday.
Scrubs’ filming schedule has been reworked for the time being to accommodate Reyes’ healing process, which is going to include about six weeks of hobbling around on crutches. In the meantime she’ll shoot some of her less strenuous scenes.
Last season on Scrubs, Carla and her husband, Turk ( Donald Faison), learned that they would be having their first child together and embarked on your usual sitcom pregnancy–an announcement that didn’t go according to plan, lots of misunderstandings and insecurities, and many thwarted sexual advances.
Season six will pick up with Carla a very uncomfortable nine and a half-months pregnant (so maybe some sitting-down scenes will do both Reyes and her character a world of good). Zach Braff’s J.D. will be dealing with his own girlfriend’s “I’m pregnant” announcement, while Dr. Cox ( John C. McGinley) and his beloved ex-wife Jordan ( Christa Miller) are expecting baby number two, as well.
Although Scrubs was renewed in May for another full season, the Emmy nominee for Outstanding Comedy won’t show up on NBC’s lineup until 2007, at a date to be announced.