The guy who is now the singer for INXS got the better deal!

Canadian Rossi officially a Rock Star
Lukas Rossi became the latest Canadian to be named a rock star on Wednesday night.
The Toronto native was one of four contestants on Rock Star: Supernova vying to become the singer for a hard rock supergroup featuring drummer Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), guitarist Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) and bassist Jason Newsted (Metallica).
Rossi is slated to front his more famous bandmates for the first time in a full show on Jan. 1 in Las Vegas.
The newly formed group is to record an album and embark on a 28-city North American tour.
Supernova may not stick as their name, however, as an existing California band is mounting a legal challenge.
Just hours before the show aired, a United States District Court judge issued a preliminary injunction barring the reality band from performing, recording or selling music under the Supernova name pending the outcome of the lawsuit.
In contention with Rossi were Iceland’s Magni Asgeirsson, Australian Toby Rand and Dilana Robichaux, a South African living in Houston. Eleven other contestants were eliminated over a 13-week period prior to the final show.
In the end it came down to Robichaux and Rossi, with the winner a Canadian for the second time in as many seasons. J.D. Fortune of Oakville, Ont., won the contest last year to become lead singer of popular ’80s band INXS.
“I wouldn’t have come here if I wanted second or third place.” Rossi told CBC News before the final.
It’s a trip the 29-year-old former fry cook at Hooters almost didn’t make, according to Barbara Sedun, an executive with EMI Music Publishing Canada.
“We heard about the Rock Star: Supernova auditions from a friend of ours in L.A. and we knew right away that Lukas was the right guy for it,” she said.
“I called him up and he was not interested … So we didn’t send him to the first audition in Toronto,” she said.
But Sedun was insistent and bought Rossi a plane ticket to Los Angeles.
“We called Lukas up and said, ‘Lukas, you have to go.’ There was no ‘No.’ ”
Rossi had been working at part-time jobs and playing with his own band, Rise Electric. But those close to him knew he could do more, said bandmate Dominic Cifarelli.
“He’s a rock star, period. He has the voice,” said Cifarelli.