This is awesome news, and good timing too! I am just about done watching all of Season 6!!

Seinfeld – Sony Serves Up 7th Season of Seinfeld
Today, Sony is announcing the November 21st release of Seinfeld – Season 7. The 4-DVD set contains all 24 episodes, running 541 minutes and costing $49.95 SRP.
Here is Sony’s early info (including bonus material):
The pivotal year for Seinfeld with nearly 34 million viewers weekly! It’s got everything: love, engagements, deaths, secret ATM codes, soup, Marisa Tomei and more! This hilarious DVD is packed with all new special features created in partnership with Jerry Seinfeld.
Guest stars this season include Marisa Tomei, Debra Messing, Rob Schneider, Jerry Stiller, Janeane Garafolo, ìsoup Naziî Larry Thomas, Larry David and more!
Includes all new popular Sein-Imation!
Notes About Nothing
Inside Looks (Episode-Specific ìMini Making ofî Documentaries)
In the Vault (Deleted Scenes)
Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That (Bloopers)
Yada Yada Yada (Commentaries)
And More!