9192 – I am watching the Season Two DVD set as I write this.

New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season hints
LOS ANGELES (AP) – The doctors were in, as cast and crew of the hot TV medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy” converged Tuesday night for a celebration of the DVD release of the show’s second-season episodes.
The cast was generally tightlipped about third-season plot developments, but word did slip that the Meredith-Derek-Addy love triangle would finally be resolved, at least to some degree.
“Well, I think that you do see it, there is definitely a resolution, otherwise it becomes a really strange isosceles triangle,” Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Shepherd) told AP Television.
“So you see a resolution to the love triangle and you see all of the characters on their own a little more, myself included,” she added. “The relationship becomes in its proper proportion. You see them who they are as a person and who they are professionally in a whole new and different way.”
There was also talk of some casting news: Diahann Carroll and Richard Roundtree will appear in recurring roles as the parents of Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington)
“Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Second Season – Uncut,” which also includes about five hours of extras, hits stores Sept. 12. The show begins its third season on its new day, Thursday, Sept. 21 on ABC.