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Paper clip turns into film role for Sask. resident
A series of trade ups over the internet involving a red paper clip and the town of Kipling, Sask. has resulted in a Hollywood movie role for one of the town’s residents.
It all began with Kyle MacDonald of Montreal, who placed the paper clip on eBay last summer, hoping to trade up to a home. After 14 trades ó which involved a keg of beer, a cube van, a recording contract, a snowmobile and a snow globe from rock star Alice Cooper ó MacDonald got his wish.
He traded a KISS snow globe for a speaking part in a Corbin Bernsen film. Bernsen ó the former star of L.A. Law ó is a snow globe collector. Then the town of Kipling stepped in, trading the house for the movie role.
Over the weekend, Kipling held a giant welcoming party for MacDonald and his girlfriend, who arrived to take over possession of the house. The story has received worldwide attention and the weekend festivities included visitors from as far away as Australia.
Bernsen auditioned about 150 people, and announced late Sunday he was awarding the film role to Kipling resident Nolan Hubard, 19.
“This has been my dream since I was like 10-years-old. I can’t stop shaking. I’m going to pass out,” said Hubard, who will have a speaking part in Bernsen’s Donna On Demand.
“He obviously just has a raw talent and capability,” Bernsen said. “I am going to take him to L.A. and try to introduce him to people and get him going.”
Bernsen is also considering shooting a Christmas comedy in Kipling.
However, MacDonald was the star attraction over the Labour Day weekend. He was named honorary mayor on Sunday and given the keys to the town.
The festivities also marked the first time 12 of the 14 paper clip traders had met each other. Corrina Haight from Vancouver, who offered a fish pen for the paper clip, gave it back to MacDonald on Sunday.
He said that once he’s settled in, he’s going to concentrate writing a book about his experiences as well as creating “the biggest paper clip the world has ever seen” to commemorate the experience.