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Beck Not Witholding On ‘The Information’
Beck’s upcoming album, “The Information,” will have more tracks than any of his other releases in the last dozen years. The 15-track set will be released Oct. 3 via Interscope; it will reportedly be bundled with a DVD featuring videos for every song. One clip, “We Dance Alone,” is streaming on Beck’s Web site, while others have already leaked online.
As previously revealed, “The Information” was produced by Nigel Godrich, who helmed 1998’s “Mutations” and 2002’s “Sea Change.”
Other cuts set for inclusion are the echo-laden, psychedelic “Movie Theme,” the bass-heavy, “Midnite Vultures”-esque “1000 BPM,” the strummy “No Complaints” and the pounding, funky “Nausea,” which will also appear on the skateboarding documentary “1st & Hope.” That film is due on DVD Oct. 10 via Interscope and was directed by Brian Lotti and the Malloys.
The 36-year-old songwriter is on tour in Europe through the end of the month; his lone upcoming U.S. show is Sept. 30 at the San Francisco-area edition of the Download Festival.
Here is the track list for “The Information”:
“Elevator Music”
“Think I’m In Love”
“Cell Phone’s Dead”
“Soldier Jane”
“Strange Apparition”
“Dark Star”
“Movie Theme”
“We Dance Alone”
“No Complaints”
“1000 BPM”
“The Information”
“New Round”
“Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton”