Brokeback Joker?!?!

Is Heath Ledger The New Joker?
Heath Ledger could soon be donning a big smile for the upcoming Batman Begins sequel, as The Joker. says press reports in Australia have pegged the Casanova star as Batman’s famous foe in the hit-movie’s follow up, which is scheduled for theatrical release in 2008.
While it’s widely known Academy Award-winning actor/comedian Robin Williams is hoping to land the role of the comic bad-guy, filmmakers apparently don’t want an age gap between hero and villain.
Confirmation on the news however, has yet to be announced.
In the meantime, Ledger can be seen in the dark Australian romance/drama Candy, as a poet with love for an art student, and heroin, followed by another movie featuring Christian Bale, the Bob Dylan biopic, I’m Not There.